Monaci has spacious outdoors: wear your most comfortable shoes to walk easily through the fields and roads of the estate and better enjoy its sceneries. Monaci is an Eco-bio certified estate. That’s why we don’t use monodose products; all detergents are homemade and they do not contain additives or chemicals.

A nice and relaxing walk through our 25 hectares estate, visiting our farm, could help you appreciate this place. During your stay at Monaci, make sure you go on a tour around the estate, to fully understand Monaci’s identity and philosophy. Enjoy the place, the Sicilian cuisine and the refined wines of this generous land.


Monaci delle Terre Nere is deeply committed to the Slow Food Movement. We are passionate about food as an element of authenticity as well as an experience itself and are fully involved in the production of what we serve to our guests.

Your Eco-Bio

Here, everything is focused on nature and respect for the environment. That's why we don't use mono-dose products in our restaurant or rooms. All cleaning products are handmade on-site and don't contain additives or chemicals. The organic shower gel is provided through generous dispensers in the en-suite bathrooms.
Hotel parking is equiped with a charging point for electric cars, which offers a convenient service to green travellers, respecting the environment and the surrounding nature.

The organic farming is the cornerstone of the Restaurant, on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The Menu and the traditional cuisine are based on fresh and 0 Km products of our organic farm. During breakfast, a full buffet is served in the old wine press or outside, on our sea-view terrace, with freshly-baked homemade cakes and tarts, homemade Sicilian bread using local flour, homemade jams, cold meats, local honey, cheeses, organic eggs from our hens, organic fruits from our own gardens and freshly squeezed juices, made to order everyday.
The Monaci estate covers an area of 25 hectares; our reception will provide you with maps of the estate so you can easily navigate around fully enjoy its landscape.


“In 2007, by chance, I stumbled upon this place, I fell in love with it and decided to devote my life to its resurrection, which means bringing this place, previously chosen by the monks of Saint Anne’s order for its special energy and extraordinary charm, back to life. The estate Monaci delle Terre Nere is located at the slopes of Mount Etna, the biggest active volcano in Europe, on the border of the Etna National Park, at 500mt above sea level. My wish has been to preserve the historic identity of the territory, hence more than being a boutique hotel in Sicily, it is a home which I hope retains its intimacy”