We are passionate about food as an element of authenticity as well as an experience itself and are fully involved in the production of what we serve to our guests. We strive for a self-sustenance supply of our restaurant and the recovery of the territory, starting from farming. Monaci’s organic farm produces Aci trunzu Kohlrabi, a Slow Food Presidium.

From the sunrise drinks on the terrace, to the herb route where guests can take a stroll in our herb garden, the slow pace of each experience at Monaci has been thought to give you a precious gift: time.


Our Eco-Bio identity is revealed by the elements of our generous breakfast buffet: homemade biscuits, pastries and cakes, freshly-baked bread by our chefs in our brick oven and much more.

Km0 Products

Monaci delle Terre Nere is deeply involved in the cause of Slow Food, promoting the principles of “good, clean and fair” food among its guests.

Good means Quality. Monaci is committed to offering its guests high quality products during breakfast, lunch, aperitifs and dinner. Both the products of our production and the external ones represent the best of the territory in terms of quality. Clean means Low environmental impact. Our Eco-Bio identity is also reflected in the food we serve.

Here everything focuses on nature and respect for the environment. Organic cultivation is the pillar of our restaurant and the menu and traditional cuisine are based on fresh and km 0 products from our organic farm. Just means fair economic conditions for producers. The use of local products and the short supply chain promote small-scale development and the local economy.