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The menu of traditional cuisine is based on fresh products, mainly from 0km away, from our organic farm.

locanda nerello


locanda nerello

Our Restaurant “Locanda Nerello”, set on the terrace during summer, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and indoor during other seasons, reflects our Eco-Bio identity.
Our commitment and efforts to create the experience you will have at Monaci starts from the table at our restaurant and from the work on our farm, where our products are grown to become part of our menu and our traditional cuisine, based on food seasonality.

We guarantee freshness and quality, without resorting to ready-made or processed meals as we only use fresh products. Our restaurant is the expression of our estate, where the dedication to the lands and the respect for the environment are combined with passion for food and for the territory, with the refined wines of Etna as protagonists.

We invite you to pause and smell our bread, freshly-baked every day in our brick oven, giving our guests the finest traditional bread. It is made with Bidi and Timilia flours, two ancient Sicilian wheat varieties with a low gluten count and high protein content. We do not use yeast, but ‘Pasta Madre’ which contains yeast and lactic bacterias that decompose the gluten, making the bread more digestible. We respect the natural, slow process from mixing the dough to baking the bread, which takes over eight hours. We do this because we believe in holistic and slow food: the best flour, the best technique, the best oven, for the best product at the end of the process.

Experience our homemade pasta, made with Bidi, Timilia and Russello wheat flours. The exact mix of wheat is decided by the chef, according to the dish.
We believe in the importance of details and strive to improve each day. We focus on taste and experience rather than food presentation. We encourage you to take your time, taste ancient flavors and authentic produce, both we will not compromise on..

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Our wine selection pays tribute to the excellence of the Etna region in terms of wine. We offer the best wines of the area and other areas, which can be sipped in front of the fireplace, in suite, in the old winery or at the pool.

Etna is the third most important region in Italy for the production of wines and the influential magazine Wine Spectator has included 3 wines of Etna among the 100 best Italian. Our wine cellar offers the best wines of the area, to complement the dishes of our cuisine or to sip and relax. Among our wines you will find mostly local grape varieties such as Nerello mascalese or Nerello Cappuccio of important local wineries as Benanti, Frank Cornellissen, Passopisciaro, Tenuta delle Terre Nere and others, but also non-native varieties such as Petit Verdot and others. We also propose bitter and dessert wines such as Malvasia delle Lipari Passito di Pantelleria, Marsala Superiore or Vecchio Samperi.

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The secrets of our chef

Tasting of 5 wines with the sommelier of Monaci

Sicilian cooking lessons

Guests will learn the secrets of making our homemade pasta and gnocchi, prepared with old Sicilian wheat and filled with wild herbs collected on our farm. The lesson takes place in the Hotel’s own bakery, where the homemade bread, pasta and pastries we offer our guests are made every day.

Guests of Monaci delle Terre Nere have a unique opportunity to learn about the world of wines through the lens of winegrowing and winemaking traditions from Mount Etna. Using the estate’s vineyards and ancient winemaking facility (palmento) as the venue, this private wine tasting course is designed and taught by our own Sommelier. During the session, guests go on an educational vineyard walk and a palmento tour followed by an expert-led tasting of wines from the Monaci delle Terre Nere estate and the best producers on the volcano.

Come in our kitchen and enjoy a hands-on cooking class followed by a wonderful full course meal. Join a unique cooking classes and discover the secrets of our traditional cuisine. You will learn how to cook some of authentic and Sicilian typical dishes (pasta al forno, sarde a beccafico, arancine, pasta con le sarde, involtini di pesce spada, cannoli, cassata and much more).

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