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Restaurant & Bar at Monaci


Ristorante Etna

Locanda Nerello

The menu of traditional cuisine is based on fresh products, mainly from 0km away, from our organic farm.

Our Restaurant “Locanda Nerello”, set on the terrace during summer, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and indoor during other seasons, reflects our Eco-Bio identity.

Our commitment and efforts to create the experience you will have at Monaci starts from the table at our restaurant and from the work on our farm, where our products are grown to become part of our menu and our traditional cuisine, based on food seasonality.

We guarantee freshness and quality, without resorting to ready-made or processed meals as we only use fresh products. Our restaurant is the expression of our estate, where the dedication to the lands and the respect for the environment are combined with passion for food and for the territory, with the refined wines of Etna as protagonists.

Hall & Pool Bar


A unique corner, a place to gather and share.

The Convivium Bar is located on the slopes of Mt. Etna, where Ephesus looks at Poseidon and nature is generous with priceless gifts.
Tradition, taste and innovation will entice your mind and soul to relax.
An unparalleled bar, where skillful hands are able to transform fruits of nature into a joy of heady flavors and scents, in a perfect Italian style.
Welcome to Convivium Bar! Bottoms up!

BAR MANAGER: Paolo Sanna

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