Our estate covers
an area of more than
40 hectares.

On one side the sea glistening in the sun, on the other side Mount Etna slumbers.

The air is magic and serene, carrying the scent of citrus and jasmine on the breeze. From the beginning of the day, the land and sun create a full palate of colors, which become more varied as the day stretches through to dusk.

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Scattered Hotel

Monaci Delle Terre Nere has been built with the features of a unique country boutique hotel with design elements. It has 20 rooms, some in the main building - a noble dwelling of the 19th century - and others scattered around our organic farm.

It is surrounded by a Sicilian estate at the slopes of Mt. Etna, the biggest active volcano of Europe. It has the soul of a discreet and unpretentious hideaway, far from the hurly burly of urban life, in a place of special energy.

The noble dwelling dates back to 19th century and is listed among historic buildings. The scattered Suites are independent buildings within the estate, where you can enjoy Monaci’s silence and true identity. Here, the traditional Sicilian architecture is combined with contemporary art. In the process of restoring the buildings, the principles of Bio-architecture have been applied and part of the energy supply comes from renewable resources.

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The Farm

The estate and organic farming is the cornerstone of Monaci delle Terre Nere.

The estate and the farm are the soul of Monaci delle Terre Nere, with fruits, vegetables and herbs being the ingredients of our traditional cuisine in our restaurant. Recovering ancient and native varieties of fruits and trees enabled us to grow unique kinds, such as the PDO Mastrantonio cherry-tree (the king of the Etna fruits, approved by the EU), the Snuffbox and Sbergia Peach, the Coscia and Baccibedda Pear tree, the Cola Apple tree, the Damaschino Apricot tree, the Vinnignola Fig and the Muscateddu Plum tree. We also grow wild vegetables such as Cannatedda, Caliceddi, Caccialepre and Coscivecchi.



Slow food

Slow food

Monaci delle Terre Nere is deeply engaged in the cause of the Slow Food movement, promoting with its guests the principles of the “good, clean and fair food”.

Good means Quality. Monaci strives to offer its guests top quality products, during breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner. Both home-grown and bought products are the best of the territory in terms of quality.

Clean means Low environmental impact. Our Eco-Bio identity is revealed by the food we serve. Here, everything is focused on nature and respect for the environment. Organic farming is the cornerstone of our restaurant and the Menu and the traditional cuisine are based on fresh and 0 Km products of the organic farm.

Fair means fair conditions and pay for producers. The use of local products and the short food supply chain promote small-scale production and local economy.




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I nostri vigneti

Our vineyards


Monaci cultivates its vineyards to produce its own wine, with native varieties of the Etna region.

Mount Etna is the third most important wine producing area in Italy, for the great diversity of its land and its microclimates, and the extraordinary finesse of its wines. Taking advantage of the richness of Etna’s terroir, Monaci grows its own vines, with indigenous varieties of the Etna region, such as Nerello Mascalese (our restaurant Locanda Nerello is named after this variety) and Carricante, a wine grape variety which can be found only in the Etna region. Guests can enjoy our wine and a rich wine selection with the best Italian and foreign labels, through our wine tastings with an expert sommelier.




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